About Us

We pride ourselves on our diverse background and experiences. Whether the project is large or small, difficult or routine, we have a deeper grasp that enables Dirt Tech Company to satisfactory complete all projects and identify the potential problems before they impact the work site. We provide a quality leadership, a knowledgeable workforce and unmatched determination to help our clients produce an end product second to none.


We have a strong and knowledgeable background working with design professionals in creating a storm water runoff and erosion control plan to meet and bring in budget your project. We have passion for working towards better environment and better water quality for our future generations.

Stormwater Remediation

We are specialized and experienced in storm water remediation such as: catch basin and pipe cleaning, pond development and remediation, drainage ditches and swales. Be sure to call us with your erosion control needs.

Choosing a construction company is like choosing a business partner. The same criteria apply:

  • Mutual trust and understanding
  • A shared commitment to clearly defined goals
  • A similar vision with common expectation for success
  • Respect for the work to be done and for the people who perform it
  • Concern for their safety and well being
  • A commitment to the community to we serve
  • A commitment to sustainability
  • A willingness to stretch the limits of conventional thinking
    • To take risks
    • To try new ideas
    • To experiment with alternative methods and technologies
  • Perhaps most important of all to be willing to be held fully accountable for the results

  • may have my word, Timothy A.Cole.

Our Services

  • Excavation
  • Septic System
  • Drainage
  • Road Construction
  • Site Works
  • Storm Water
  • Remediation & Maintenance

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